I met Vonetta late last year. Just before the Christmas holidays, she shared some financial challenges she was facing as a single mom. We worked together to talk about her financial goals, the benefits of using a budget each month to plan her spending and the importance of consistently tithing. Here is what Vonetta had to say, “I increased my food budget by $40. $20 for each child and I’ve been doing so good. Thanks Margo Thomas!! Get you a budget coach that actually cares!! Mrs. Margo is excellent. I’ve been consistently paying my tithes too!!


Mrs. Margo, I have so much good news to tell you! I finally received the stimulus check and as of today, I am OFFICIALLY credit card debt FREE!!!!!!”  Rachel and I discussed how difficult it was for her to deal with her credit card and student loan debt. She has a Master’s degree and hadn’t found her dream job as yet. After reading Get Your Financial House in Order e-book, she shared that it was easy to read and wanted to try using the principles. When she paid off her first credit card, she shared that she was excited and motivated to move onto the next one.