HOW YOU BENEFIT- Control your money, before it controls you.

Get Your Financial House in Order

After many conversations with women over 26, I recognized that many of our parents (and our schools) never properly prepared us for the many challenges we now have with money. They encouraged us to go to college and get a ‘good’ job. The sad reality is that many of us did what we were supposed to do, but because no one taught us about our finances, it costs us a lot in student loans and other debt. Our friends, who also did not make sound financial decisions, became our voices of wisdom. “If you get that credit card,” they said, “you will establish credit and increase your credit score.” We purchased expensive stuff to prove to others that we made it. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about? Unfortunately, because of uninformed financial decisions, we find ourselves in a situation where we often feel overburdened and overwhelmed. Fortunately, though, there is hope.  It is never too late to learn. Let us help you get your financial house in order.

You will receive everything available in the Freedom from Old Habits, PLUS

  • Get help figuring out your credit report
  • Calculate your net worth
  • Develop a Leaky Roof Fund
  • Develop a plan to tackle your student loan and other debt
  • Develop a plan to save for a down payment for your new home

You will also receive four (4) additional bi-monthly coaching and accountability sessions, as well as BONUS resources & gifts (include cash envelopes and the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey).

Total Investment: $129

HOW YOU BENEFIT – Other Products & Services

Cutomized templates – $24.99

  • You know you need a budget worksheet, but you are not sure how to create one. You’ve Googled it, researched it on YouTube, but still can’t figure out how to create one that is the right fit for you. Let’s work together to create a budget you can use each month. Your Customized Budget Worksheet will reflect your weekly, bi-monthly or monthly paychecks (whichever applies to you), as well as all of your expense categories. It will also include options for savings, giving and an allowance.
  • Are you ready to begin paying off your outstanding student loan, car loan and credit card debt? Then, a Customized Debt Payoff Worksheet is just what you need. Each time you make an extra account payment, you will see your debt balances reduce.
  • Are you looking for a simpler way to learn how to get your finances in order? You know you need to figure all of this out, but you need the Cliff Notes version. I created an e-book especially for those of you who are busy with work and don’t have the time to read an in-depth dissertation about finances. Purchase your copy of Get Your Financial House in Order Before Buying Your Home on Amazon. [Make this a link to the e-book on Amazon]
  • Are you looking for a simple took to help you get started on your financial freedom journey? If you are like me and prefer to write everything down, then the My Financial Freedom Workbook is just what you need. This workbook allows you to work through your money mindset, write out your financial goals, track your spending, create your budget, start saving for emergencies and other fun things, reduce your debt and start preparing for your new home. You will also receive tips and tricks that my husband and I used on our own financial freedom journey. Purchase your copy of My Financial Freedom Workbook on Amazon.