Growing up, many of us learned two different extremes about money. Unfortunately, for some of us, the thought of having money in excess was evil. We learned from others’ misinterpretation of the scripture, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” to mean that desiring to have wealth was bad.

On the flipside, some of us were taught, indirectly, that having stuff was a sign of success. For some women, hiding their purchases in the trunk of the car after a trip to the mall is the norm. We learned that owning designer labels, fancy cars and expensive shoes and purses meant that we made it, even if they produced significant debt.

The thought of budgeting usually makes people cringe because they immediately picture being in bondage – restricted from spending their money on the things they want. On the contrary, at Your Budget Coach, we help change mindsets about money and dispel the myth that you can’t have what you want while being responsible with your money. Let us hold your hand as we help you develop a new financial lifestyle, one where YOU control your money each month, instead of your money controlling you.